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November 23 2014


Forget Graphics, Even Animated Films Need Good Stories: Disney Guru

Although high-technology is a large component of box office appeal, even technicians argue the secret sauce for a big budget movie still lies in a compelling story. Just ask Hank Driskill, a technical supervisor at Disney whose primary job is spearheading research, development and the imagery that goes into generating animated movies. Although his responsibilities are http://espinozagzoa.wordpress.com steeped in technology, Driskillwho oversaw the creation of the urban landscape featured in Disney's box office hit "Big home page Hero 6"told CNBC in an interview the essence of a movie lies in its narrative. 'It all starts with the story' Source: Disney Image from Big Hero 6 by Disney "We can make pretty pictures, but let's make a good movie," said Driskill, a Disney veteran who also worked on modern classics like "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Lion King." Even view website in the age of CGI, characters and storytelling take precedence over technology, Driskill original site said. Read More Disney must bless Hasbro, DreamWorks deal: Analyst "To me, the big thing is it all starts with story, he said. "It's not about how we cash in on this, it's [whether] there's a good movie to be made." In less than a month, "Big Hero 6" has pulled in more than $114 million in domestic receipts, more than half the way toward recouping its $165 million production budget, according to data from Box Office Mojo. It's a testament to the earning power of animated movies, and how people still expect to have their hearts and minds spoken toeven in a comic book movie.
Full story: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102204876


Oscars: Belgium Picks 'two Days, One Night' For Foreign-language Category - Yahoo Celebrity

Belgium's national Oscar selection committee on Friday picked the Dardennes' Two Days, One Night to represent the country in the upcoming Oscars race for best foreign-language film. The drama stars French actress Marion Cotillard (Inception) as a woman who has a single weekend to convince her co-workers to give up their bonuses so that she can keep her job. Two Days, One Night debuted in competition in Cannes and screened in both Telluride and Toronto. IFC Films picked up the movie for U.S. release, and a domestic bow is planned for Dec. 24. In addition to the foreign-language category, some pundits are giving Two Days, One Night moved here chances read here for a best actress nom for Cotillard's searing performance.
More: https://celebrity.yahoo.com/news/oscars-belgium-picks-two-days-one-night-foreign-010733355.html

November 22 2014


Germany's Left Parties Agree Coalition Deal In Eastern State - Yahoo News

redirected Bodo Ramelow, the see here Left's candidate in Thuringia, said in a tweet on Wednesday he had agreed a program for government with the Greens and with the Social Democrats (SPD), who rule on the national level with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives. A close result in the Thuringia election in September means, however, that Ramelow, a trade unionist who grew up in West Germany, cannot be certain of becoming premier until the state assembly holds its vote, planned for Dec. 5. A 'red-red-green' coalition in Thuringia is widely seen as a test ground for a possible future federal ruling alliance. The SPD, trailing Merkel's conservatives by more than 15 points in opinion polls, is keen to explore different options, although any partnership with the http://fisknexu.edublogs.org Left could be fraught partly as many disillusioned SPD members have defected to the Left. The prospect of Germany getting its first state premier from the Left, a pacifist party that opposes NATO and wants higher taxes on the rich, has triggered soul-searching as some of its members were in East Germany's Socialist Unity Party (SED). View gallery Bodo Ramelow, the Die Linke party's top candidate in Sunday's Thuringia state election, atte German President Joachim Gauck, who campaigned for civil rights in the East during communist rule, has expressed doubts about whether the Left is ready to run a state.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/germanys-left-parties-agree-coalition-deal-eastern-state-163933855.html


Snooki Drops To 99 Pounds Two Months After Giving Birth | Fox News

29 in New Jersey, and the already-slim star took to Instagram Monday to show off her hard work at the gym. "Trying to build up my arm strength back!!!! #2monthspostpartum," she wrote. Snooki raised eyebrows in October, when she showed off a full-body selfie of herself looking super-slender just 12 days after giving birth to her second child, daughter Giovanna Marie LaValle. "I can fit in jeans again!!!" she wrote. But though her weight loss body building may be healthy now, this wasn't always the case. Snooki opened up about her struggle with anorexia in high school during a segment that aired during her stint on "Dancing with the Stars" last year. "Cheerleading was my life in high school but it wasn't always easy for me," she said.
Full story: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/11/21/snooki-is-down-to-pounds-just-two-months-after-giving-birth/

November 20 2014


China: Australia Trade Deal Won't Hurt New Zealand - Yahoo News

2 economy remains strong. Xi spoke to media as he swung through New Zealand at the end of a month of courting international leaders. He went so far as to write an open letter to New Zealanders, describing their country as a "shining pearl" on the Pacific Ocean. China and Australia signed a preliminary free-trade (source) deal earlier this week. Xi said people have been image source asking him if that will have a negative impact on New Zealand, which signed a free trade agreement with China in 2008. "China has 1.3 billion people and our market is huge," he said. New Zealand's dairy products and other exports including wool, beef and seafood remain very popular in China, Xi said.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/china-australia-trade-deal-wont-hurt-zealand-062711087.html

November 19 2014


Fitch Rates Lennar's Proposed Senior Notes Offering 'bb+' - Yahoo Finance

exercise /> Financial letters of credit are generally posted in lieu of cash deposits on option contracts, for insurance risks, credit enhancements and as other collateral. HOMEBUILDING The company was the second largest homebuilder in 2013 and primarily focuses on entry-level and first-time move-up homebuyers. In 2013 and so far in 2014, fitness approximately one third of sales were to the first time buyer, half to first time move up customers and the balance is a mix of second time move up, luxury and active adult. The company builds in 17 states with particular focus on markets in Florida, Texas and California. Lennar's significant ranking (within the top five or top 10) in many of its markets, its largely presale operating strategy, and a return on capital focus provide the framework to soften the impact on margins from declining market conditions. Fitch notes that in the past, acquisitions (in particular, strategic acquisitions) have played a significant role in Lennar's operating strategy. Compared to its peers, Lennar has had above-average exposure to JVs during this past housing cycle. Longer-dated land positions are controlled off balance sheet.
Full story: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fitch-rates-lennars-proposed-senior-203700451.html

November 15 2014


London Calling: Usa Host Colombia In Huge Test, As Close Links With Fulham Remain | Nbc On Yahoo Sports - Yahoo Sports

[ RELATED: Guzan leading US goalkeeping core ] However as the 2014 season comes to a close for the USA, the players are aware that Fridays matchagainst Colombia, plus another friendly in Dublin next Tuesday against Ireland, will be tough going as they aim to end the World Cup year on a high. Its a huge test for us. It is going to be a challenging match, central blog url defender Matt Besler toldProSoccerTalk. Definitely looking forward to playing at Kim Kardashian Craven Cottage. We expect a good crowd, hopefully there are a lot of Americans. For us, we are looking to end the year off on the right note. [ RELATED: Besler on SKC, enjoying life continue reading this.. in London ] Klinsmann is excited to see his team tested on the road in what will be a hostile environmentand a new experiencefor many of his young players. We are looking forward to it, we have a good group of guys here who are eager to show what they have.
More: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nbc-yahoo-sports/london-calling--usa-host-colombia-in-huge-test--as-close-links-with-fulham-remain-172523970-soccer.html

November 11 2014


Clashes Break Out In Warsaw On Independence Day | Boston Herald

http://harrisontvzn.blog.com/2014/11/10/6-stocks-you-shouldnt-bet-your-retirement-on-nasdaq-com/ 11, 2014, on the 96th anniversary of the country's independence. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz) 1 Associated Press WARSAW, Poland Clashes have broken out in Warsaw between hooligans and police amid celebrations of Poland's Independence Day. Polish media broadcast scenes of youth, some masked, throwing rocks, firecrackers and cobble stones at police on Tuesday. In one case police turned a water cannon against the protesters. The rioters haven't given any reason for the violence, which has turned into a yearly ritual on the Polish public holiday in recent years. Police said they have arrested several people who attacked officers, but wouldn't specify how many. Earlier, President Bronislaw Komorowski led official celebrations and a march go here for the holiday, which celebrates Poland regaining its independence after World War I. For the 123 years before that Poland was effectively investing wiped off the map, partitioned by Austria, Russia and the German kingdom of Prussia. More On:
More: http://www.bostonherald.com/news_opinion/international/europe/2014/11/clashes_break_out_in_warsaw_on_independence_day


Germany Drafts Anti-doping Law That Could Result In Up To 3 Years Imprisonment - Espn

The law will go before parliament in the spring and makes doping a crime for the first time. The draft is scheduled to be presented by ministers on Wednesday but was widely reported in the German media on Tuesday. About 7,000 German professional athletes who are covered by the national testing program are affected by the new main page law. The law does not apply to hobby athletes. Possession of even small amounts of banned substances can lead to heavy fines and http://raphaelwsiv.cowblog.fr jail terms. Foreign athletes caught doping in Germany also risk http://chongygtl.postbit.com prison.
More: http://espn.go.com/olympics/story/_/id/11857475/germany-drafts-anti-doping-law-result-3-years-imprisonment

November 08 2014


Michael Bay Embraces The Capitalism Of The 'transformers' Films - Forbes

Bay also has a lucrative deal with Hasbro Hasbro that gives http://chucklxad.wordpressy.pl him a share of the revenue from toy sales of film-related Transformers which, at this point, is almost all Transformers sales. Bay also unabashedly gave the film a heavy China angle which helped it not only avoid strict quotas that China places on American films but helped the film rank as the biggest opener ever in China bringing in even more in the first few days than any China-produced films. The film earned $134.5 million in five days in China. The Chinese market is one that Hollywood twitter has been struggling to capture. Bay did it without breaking a sweat. So while his films might not win any awards and the critics are gnashing their teeth at the continued popularity of the Transformers franchise, Bay is laughing all the way to the bank. If the global audience thought the films were terrible, they could easily spend their money on other things.
Full story: http://www.forbes.com/sites/dorothypomerantz/2014/07/06/michael-bay-embraces-the-capitalism-of-the-transformers-films/


Soccer Notes: U.s. Senators Side With Players In Women's World Cup Turf Controversy - Soccer - Northjersey.com

The CSA did not immediately reveal its plans. The women claim artificial turf makes them more prone to certain injuries, like turf burn, and impacts the way the game is played because the ball moves differently. MLS DISPERSAL DRAFT: Major League Soccer will conduct a dispersal draft on Nov. 19 for http://ahmedpottwdk.livejournal.com the players on defunct Chivas USA. The league said it will hold a weighted draw Friday to determine the draft order. MLS plans to replace Chivas USA with a Los Angeles expansion team for the 2017 season. FIFA TALKING REPLAY: FIFA said its rule-making panel is go preparing to study options for video replays to back link help referees.
More: http://www.northjersey.com/sports/soccer/u-s-senators-get-involved-in-war-on-turf-1.1129480


Britain, France, Us Seek Action Over Un Failings In Darfur - Yahoo News

Representatives from the three countries met with Deputy Secretary General Jan Eliasson this week to make the case that UNAMID officials should answer for the failings of the mission. "We believe there are senior people in the mission who ought to be held accountable," a senior western diplomat said. "We were disappointed by the report," said another diplomat. "The credibility of this mission is at stake. We find the recommendations a bit light." View gallery A handout picture taken on July 1, 2014 and http://russellvjoq.blogs.experienceproject.com released by UNAMID on July 2, 2014, shows a peacekeeper The review found that UNAMID officials withheld details about http://calebmadi.newsvine.com attacks in their reports to UN headquarters and maintained silence in their dealings with the press. The 13,000-strong UNAMID force is tasked with protecting civilians and securing humanitarian aid in the western region of Sudan, where more than two million people have been displaced by 11 years of conflict. - Why such poor decisions? - Former UNAMID spokesperson Aicha Elbasri, who exposed the alleged coverup, appealed for accountability in a six-page document sent to the UN Security Council.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/britain-france-us-seek-action-over-un-failings-181105014.html


?u.s., France Express Concerns About Iran Nuclear Talks - Cbs News

Embassy in Tehran and kidnapped a ... But much of the rest of the world fears that visit website Tehran, which has hindered fully transparent inspections of its reactors over the years, wants to build an atomic weapon. "We have presented to them a framework that would allow them to meet their peaceful energy needs," President Barack Obama said Wednesday. "Whether they can manage to say yes to what clearly would be better for Iran, better for the region, and better for the world, is an open question." In Paris, Kerry met with French Foreign Minister http://admin.blog.fc2.com/admin/js/fckeditor2.6.5/editor/fckeditor.html?InstanceName=blomaga_introFck&20131125&Toolbar=Default Laurent Fabius and placed the burden to complete a deal on Iran. "They have a right to a peaceful program but not a track to a bomb," Kerry said after his meeting. "We believe it is pretty easy to prove to the world that a plan is peaceful." Fabius called it "very important" for the U.S.
More: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/u-s-france-cite-concerns-about-iran-nuclear-talks/

November 07 2014


France-born Bomb Maker For Khorasan Group Believed Killed By Syria Drone Strike | Fox News

http://maryaargj.edublogs.org warplanes also struck separate Khorasan targets in the Idlib province of northern reference Syria. New intelligence in recent days tipped off coalition warplanes to the Al Qaeda bomb maker's location. U.S. defense sources confirm that Drugeon was the target of that strike. It was only the second online time since US airstrikes began in Syria Sept. 22 that U.S.
More: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/11/06/france-born-bomb-maker-for-khorasan-group-believed-killed-by-drone-strike/

November 06 2014


Workout Wednesday: Lara Gillman's High-intensity Treadmill Intervals - Health Diet Fitness - Stylebistro

Workout Wednesday: Lara Gillman . . (Source: Lara Gillman) Looking to shake up your fitness regimen? We've got click here! influencers from the wellness world here to share their favorite workouts. Come back every Wednesday for a new exercise to try. Who:Lara Gillman, co-Founder of Cycle House , an indoor cycling studio in LA. Best fitness advice ever received:"Make sure your workout is high-intensity interval muscle building training (HIIT). If you are looking to burn fat and the maximum amount of calories, you never want to maintain the same level of exertion during a workout." Favorite post or pre-workout snack:"If I need a light snack before a workout, I love to have a Health Warrior Chia Bar (24 for$15) or the Strong & Kind bars (24 for $36).
Full story: http://www.stylebistro.com/Health+Diet+Fitness/articles/t6NviC3f8DH/Workout+Wednesday+Lara+Gillman+High+Intensity


Top 4 Tips For Fat Loss - News - The Telegram - Herkimer, Ny

If you are hyperlink not resting enough each week, you will burn out faster than when you are not dieting. Dieting in itself is a stressor and will mean you have less energy available to recover from each workout you do. By resting before doing a workout, it ensures you come back to each workout ready to give it your all. This is much better than doing a 50% workout session because youre too tired from the last one. So many people make the mistake of doing more exercise while seeking fat loss, when really what they need is less exercise. It sounds paradoxical, but it's true.
Full story: http://www.herkimertelegram.com/article/20141104/NEWS/311049971/10112/LIFESTYLE

November 04 2014


Bernard Hopkins Says Race Is Reason His Pursuit Of History Hasn't Transcended Boxing - Espn

"That was the greatest moment of my life because it was undeniably white against black," Hopkins said. "The American story against the thug, even though he changed his life. The convicted felon. So it was me representing an entity that had changed in spite of what they say you should be able to do. But once you do it, they really don't want you to do it. "And so I exposed it and I http://lawrencevxcs.hazblog.com beat him easily after being a 6-to-1 underdog.
Full story: http://espn.go.com/boxing/story/_/id/11815891/bernard-hopkins-says-race-reason-pursuit-history-transcended-boxing


Australia's Westpac Profit Up 8% To Record High

People walk past an <a href=Max Workouts ATM machine of Australian banking giant Westpac in the central business district of Sydney.' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Australia's Westpac Banking booked a fifth straight year of record profit with an 8 percent rise in full-year cash earnings on robust loan growth and declines in bad debts. Bolstered by a strong fitness focus on mortgage lending, a rapidly growing property market and tight cost controls, three of Australia's "Big Four" banks have notched up five consecutive years of record income in current earnings season. "Housing credit growth has increased over 2014 and we expect growth at similar levels to continue through 2015, driven by strong demand and continued low interest rates," Chief Executive Gail Kelly said in a statement. Kelly said there were signs of improving prospects for non-mining investment and expected a moderate pick-up in business credit growth. The nation's No. 2 lender by value said cash profit was A$7.6 billion ($6.64 billion), meeting the average forecast from seven analysts polled by Reuters. Revenues rose 7 percent in the year.
More: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102144470

November 01 2014


Kuroda Surprises Again With Stimulus Boost As Japan Struggles - Yahoo Finance

Economy's Struggle Just hours after the BOJ's move, the Government Pension Investment Fund said that it will put half its holdings in local and foreign stocks and start investing in alternative assets as it seeks higher returns. More from Bloomberg.com: China Is Very, Very, Very, Very Big The 127.3 trillion yen GPIF is the world's largest pension fund. Its previous strategy was designed on the assumption that deflation would continue, GPIF President Takahiro http://greggwnsh.soup.io Mitani told reporters today. What the BOJ's program has failed to do as yet is lift exports past their peak, or generate enough of an impact on inflation that the BOJ's 2 percent target was forecast to be in reach. Instead, consumer prices -- stripping out the impact of an April sales-tax increase -- are rising closer to a 1 percent rate. Tax Consideration Also at issue: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considering whether to go ahead with a second stage for raising the sales tax. The levy went to http://www.kiwibox.com/fabianlpxg/blog/entry/118730917/will-jamie-foxx-play-mike-tyson-in-a-biopic-celebrity-gos/?pPage=0 8 percent from 5 percent this year, tipping the economy into the deepest contraction in more than five years. A further bump is scheduled for October 2015, to 10 percent. "Kuroda couldn't be bullish anymore -- inflation has slowed to 1 percent and oil prices are going to weigh on prices," said Minami at Norinchukin.
Read more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/japan-unexpectedly-boosts-easing-amid-054745444.html

October 31 2014


Northern Trust Named ?best Private Bank In The Usa? - Yahoo Finance

An international panel of industry professionals judged the submissions and selected winners based on an examination of quantitative and qualitative factors. Northern Trust is a premier wealth management firm that specializes in goals-based financial advice, offering clients insightful perspectives and creative thinking, backed by innovative technology and a strong fiduciary heritage. Northern Trust is ranked among the top 10 U.S. wealth managers with $220 billion in assets under management as of September 30, 2014, and has a wide network of wealth management offices across the United States and abroad. About Northern Trust Northern Trust Corporation ( NTRS ) is a leading provider of asset servicing, fund administration, asset management, fiduciary, and banking solutions for corporations, institutions, families, and individuals worldwide. Chicago-based Northern Trust has website offices in 19 states, Washington, D.C., and 20 international locations in Canada, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. As of September 30, 2014, Northern Trust http://napotesubt.bloghi.com had assets under custody of US$5.9 trillion, and assets under investment management of US$923.3 billion.
More: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/northern-trust-named-best-private-110000328.html

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