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Video Published Of Attack Of Slain Student - Yahoo News

Germany Hails Slain Turkish-German Student as Hero Pictures of the pretty woman with long black hair and dark eyes have been all over television, social media and newspapers in Germany in the two weeks since the attack. After candlelight vigils attracted hundreds of mourners in Offenbach over the weekend, about 200 people also came together in Berlin on Sunday to commemorate and pray for the young woman. View gallery Demonstrators place flowers and candles as they take part in a rally to remember student Tugce in Be The incident involving the girls is not on the video, but witnesses reported that Albayrak stepped in to help after becoming aware of the distressed girls. The surveillance video of the attack in which she is injured shows an enraged man identified by Bild as 18-year-old Sanel M. http://basilkqra.soup.io/post/490129164/Colombia-Vs-Usa-Score-Grades-And-Reaction who is currently in police custody who is several times held back by another young man as he appears to want to run in the direction of Albayrak. Because the incident happened at 4 a.m., it's dark and many of the people's homepage movements on the video are hard to identify. At some point, Sanel M. appears to hit Albayrak on the head while the other young man is still trying to protect her and she falls on the ground and stops moving.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/video-published-attack-slain-student-083244425.html

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