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Forget Graphics, Even Animated Films Need Good Stories: Disney Guru

Although high-technology is a large component of box office appeal, even technicians argue the secret sauce for a big budget movie still lies in a compelling story. Just ask Hank Driskill, a technical supervisor at Disney whose primary job is spearheading research, development and the imagery that goes into generating animated movies. Although his responsibilities are http://espinozagzoa.wordpress.com steeped in technology, Driskillwho oversaw the creation of the urban landscape featured in Disney's box office hit "Big home page Hero 6"told CNBC in an interview the essence of a movie lies in its narrative. 'It all starts with the story' Source: Disney Image from Big Hero 6 by Disney "We can make pretty pictures, but let's make a good movie," said Driskill, a Disney veteran who also worked on modern classics like "Beauty and the Beast" and "The Lion King." Even view website in the age of CGI, characters and storytelling take precedence over technology, Driskill original site said. Read More Disney must bless Hasbro, DreamWorks deal: Analyst "To me, the big thing is it all starts with story, he said. "It's not about how we cash in on this, it's [whether] there's a good movie to be made." In less than a month, "Big Hero 6" has pulled in more than $114 million in domestic receipts, more than half the way toward recouping its $165 million production budget, according to data from Box Office Mojo. It's a testament to the earning power of animated movies, and how people still expect to have their hearts and minds spoken toeven in a comic book movie.
Full story: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102204876

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