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Germany's Left Parties Agree Coalition Deal In Eastern State - Yahoo News

redirected Bodo Ramelow, the see here Left's candidate in Thuringia, said in a tweet on Wednesday he had agreed a program for government with the Greens and with the Social Democrats (SPD), who rule on the national level with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives. A close result in the Thuringia election in September means, however, that Ramelow, a trade unionist who grew up in West Germany, cannot be certain of becoming premier until the state assembly holds its vote, planned for Dec. 5. A 'red-red-green' coalition in Thuringia is widely seen as a test ground for a possible future federal ruling alliance. The SPD, trailing Merkel's conservatives by more than 15 points in opinion polls, is keen to explore different options, although any partnership with the http://fisknexu.edublogs.org Left could be fraught partly as many disillusioned SPD members have defected to the Left. The prospect of Germany getting its first state premier from the Left, a pacifist party that opposes NATO and wants higher taxes on the rich, has triggered soul-searching as some of its members were in East Germany's Socialist Unity Party (SED). View gallery Bodo Ramelow, the Die Linke party's top candidate in Sunday's Thuringia state election, atte German President Joachim Gauck, who campaigned for civil rights in the East during communist rule, has expressed doubts about whether the Left is ready to run a state.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/germanys-left-parties-agree-coalition-deal-eastern-state-163933855.html

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