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Germany Drafts Anti-doping Law That Could Result In Up To 3 Years Imprisonment - Espn

The law will go before parliament in the spring and makes doping a crime for the first time. The draft is scheduled to be presented by ministers on Wednesday but was widely reported in the German media on Tuesday. About 7,000 German professional athletes who are covered by the national testing program are affected by the new main page law. The law does not apply to hobby athletes. Possession of even small amounts of banned substances can lead to heavy fines and http://raphaelwsiv.cowblog.fr jail terms. Foreign athletes caught doping in Germany also risk http://chongygtl.postbit.com prison.
More: http://espn.go.com/olympics/story/_/id/11857475/germany-drafts-anti-doping-law-result-3-years-imprisonment

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