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Michael Bay Embraces The Capitalism Of The 'transformers' Films - Forbes

Bay also has a lucrative deal with Hasbro Hasbro that gives http://chucklxad.wordpressy.pl him a share of the revenue from toy sales of film-related Transformers which, at this point, is almost all Transformers sales. Bay also unabashedly gave the film a heavy China angle which helped it not only avoid strict quotas that China places on American films but helped the film rank as the biggest opener ever in China bringing in even more in the first few days than any China-produced films. The film earned $134.5 million in five days in China. The Chinese market is one that Hollywood twitter has been struggling to capture. Bay did it without breaking a sweat. So while his films might not win any awards and the critics are gnashing their teeth at the continued popularity of the Transformers franchise, Bay is laughing all the way to the bank. If the global audience thought the films were terrible, they could easily spend their money on other things.
Full story: http://www.forbes.com/sites/dorothypomerantz/2014/07/06/michael-bay-embraces-the-capitalism-of-the-transformers-films/

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