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Soccer Notes: U.s. Senators Side With Players In Women's World Cup Turf Controversy - Soccer - Northjersey.com

The CSA did not immediately reveal its plans. The women claim artificial turf makes them more prone to certain injuries, like turf burn, and impacts the way the game is played because the ball moves differently. MLS DISPERSAL DRAFT: Major League Soccer will conduct a dispersal draft on Nov. 19 for http://ahmedpottwdk.livejournal.com the players on defunct Chivas USA. The league said it will hold a weighted draw Friday to determine the draft order. MLS plans to replace Chivas USA with a Los Angeles expansion team for the 2017 season. FIFA TALKING REPLAY: FIFA said its rule-making panel is go preparing to study options for video replays to back link help referees.
More: http://www.northjersey.com/sports/soccer/u-s-senators-get-involved-in-war-on-turf-1.1129480

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